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Hello, and welcome. I am glad you are here, to improve your wellbeing and understand yourself better. I am an integrative psychiatrist, and my goal is to help each patient realize their own innate ability to heal. I do this by providing the best psychiatric care I can, informed by exceptional Western medical education, ancient traditional practices, and integrative approaches in diagnosis and management. I work with you to understand root causes, which enhances the efficacy of remedies and relief as we work together.

Health is not just the absence of illness, it is the ability to be at peace, pursue your goals, and live according to your values. Whether you have a diagnosed mental illness, are struggling with day-to-day functioning, or are suffering from a variety of manifestations of psychic pain, it is important to seek help and explore your experience, which I am happy and humbled to assist with. 


Why work with me?

Personalized Medicine

I work with you to tailor treatment plans to your current needs based on your development, trauma history, environment, physiology, nervous system state, spiritual needs, social circumstances, and mental traits and states. I use evidence-based medicine and personalized protocols to help you with more than just symptom relief, instead pursuing total body wellness and all the benefits therein.

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Holistic Treatment

 I provide comprehensive compassionate, holistic care that integrates all that makes us whole, on a physical, biological, social, psychological, historical, and spiritual level. In addition to pharmaceuticals, supplements, and nutraceuticals, I employ presence, connection, movement, nature, sound, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, and therapy, among other modalities, as therapeutic tools.


Be Your Own Medicine

 I am here with you to help you achieve balance in your life. Teaching is a passion of mine, and I will empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to be at peace with yourself. Everything we consume has the power to harm or help us. Working together will depend as much on your efforts and integration of changes, as on my expertise, guidance and prescriptives.  We all have the innate ability to heal within ourselves.


Contact me

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