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Dr. Sandhu

Dr. Jasdeep Sandhu is a board certified psychiatrist who practices integrative psychiatry. She believes that we each create the medicine we need. She approaches mental health treatment with awareness of the many factors influencing wellbeing, and teaches her patients to practice this same awareness. She attended the University of Texas School of Medicine in San Antonio for medical school, where she decided on psychiatry as a specialty which illuminated many facets impact health, and knew that by addressing behaviors and the mind, impactful health changes could be made. She also completed a Masters of Public Health, further supporting her view that health is heavily influenced by our environment, and her thesis was actually about the impact of green spaces on health. She completed her residency at the Icahn School of Medicine of Mount Sinai in New York City, immersed in a diverse and exceptional learning environment, and trained by leaders in the field of psychiatry. She also completed a year long psychoanalytic fellowship through the New York Psychoanalytic Society and Institute which helped deepen her perspective on being human. She focuses on psychodynamic as well as mindfulness based approaches to psychotherapy.

Dr. Sandhu appreciates her education and the foundation it provided, but as she reflected on what was presenting in real life versus in academia, she realized there was an intolerable gap between what was taught was therapeutic versus what is sustainable and personalized in a patient's treatment. She learned more about integrative treatment formally and informally during and after residency, including working with an integrative MD, a mindfulness-based therapist, co-leading a mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) group, and being the de facto mindfulness, nutrition and supplement specialist for her colleagues. She also has a 10+ year yoga practice, which she credits significantly for her discipline, growth, and self-awareness, which informs the care she imparts towards her patients also.  She aims to live a life imbued by the principles she teaches, with food, movement, restoration, mindfulness, and connection as core principles.  
After residency she worked as an outpatient psychiatrist with a large group practice in Atlanta, GA, and she continues to see many of her patients there via telehealth. Through her work there she became more attuned to the needs of a wide variety of persons “out in the real world” and collaborated with her patients to create unique treatment plans addressing root causes of stress and illness that was applicable in their day to day lives. Her patients repeatedly would tell her how unique and transformative her treatment plans and interventions were, and she continued to develop her expertise with feedback from the patients she saw, complemented by extensive research and consultation. She has completed various educational courses on mind body medicine, including through the Integrative Psychiatry Institute. She also became involved with psychedelic medicine as found its effects transformative personally and professionally, with training through Polaris primarily. She provides ketamine therapy as a tool for expanding consciousness,  improving distressing symptoms, and tapping into innate healing. She has taught residents and medical students at Mount Sinai and Dell Medical School, as well as presented to groups across the country on various topics. She acknowledges the importance of continuing to learn and grow in her field, and the importance of teaching and being taught through this work. 

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